People Solutions


Talent Supply Solutions


The Spire Talent Supply Chain Management solutions exploit the unique ‘demand-supply mapping’ capability of Spire’s Big Data and Contextual Search Platform. The first-of-its-kind engine not only maps and ranks talent supply against each job demand, but can also reverse rank each individual to multiple job demands, with over 95% accuracy across unlimited parameters. This solution has already been implemented successfully with search, map and rank requirements, of large global organizations using more than 1300 parameters in a single demand context.

This capability can be utilized to transform various talent management needs within an organization, like talent acquisition, workforce deployment across projects (especially for global consulting & services organizations), global or local organization re-alignment, succession planning, and pre-M&A or post-M&A talent mapping. These unprecedented capabilities are unique to Spire because the existing systems focus only on real silo issues. With Spire, companies can have a unified view across talent channels, geographies, verticals and across business domains. There is a great opportunity to bring about a radical change in the way talent supply chain is managed.


Big Data Solutions


For undeniable talent transformation leading to growth of a business, it is important to capture both structured and unstructured data. The data must take into account the entire context of the individuals as well as their roles within the specific business context of the organization. Hence, Spire products help organizations in planning the growth of their talent pool, taking into account their data holistically, especially unstructured data across different data points within the company, like appraisals, assessment centers, internal or external social & collaboration channels, blogs, and other such data channels.

The quality of analytics derived by using Spire Big Data platform plays a crucial role in determining talent fitment & gap analysis, learning need & impact analysis and promotion analysis for an individual. The platform can be used in career path analysis and career planning models, in creating leadership pools and mapping them to the company’s leadership pyramid development process. In addition, unprecedented insights can be derived for key organization challenges like attrition management and individual engagement risk profiling. The solutions, hence, enable organizations to maintain detailed dossiers with multi-dimensional analysis for each associated individual.


Predictive Talent Intelligence


Industry predictions indicate that talent related data will grow by 800 percent within the next five years; and 80 percent of that data will be unstructured i.e. from resumes, job demands, emails, social media, blogs, assessments, feed audios and other such data points. Predictive Talent Intelligence will be far more relevant and crucial for companies to anticipate and optimize their talent strategy.

Spire PrediQuik® is a strategic Business Prediction Platform which aligns an organization’s growth plans with the capability level available within the organization and the capability needs to be acquired from the market. PrediQuik’s versatility allows it to work with existing ERP and also with other Spire products to drive the organizations talent strategy. PrediQuik can work to identify top talent and suggest re-alignment, optimize a talent pipeline that can lead to better resource allocation, and identify the best locations to invest in recruitment campaigns for specific skills. PrediQuik can project the organization’s standing in the coming years based on its collective existing capabilities, as well as assess where it needs to grow its capabilities to be able to fulfill specific future goals.