People Management


Spire has designed a suite of revolutionary enterprise products, known as Spire TalentSHIP®, to help organizations acquire and manage their talent pool vis-à-vis their unique business context amidst the current global competitive scenario. Our talent supply chain management solutions exploit the fundamental demand-supply mapping technologies to bring about >9X increase in operational efficiencies and >70% reduction in operations management costs.

Spire’s talent solutions are built on its Big Data platform for maximum leverage of its unstructured data processing capability across multiple channels of data feed like performance appraisals, assessments, internal or external collaboration & social channels, etc. for generating predictive intelligence about talent pool within the organization.


CRM Market Research


The basis of content used in most CRM tools is data which is received via customer demand, and more importantly customer feedback. This data is used typically for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Spire solutions allow you to add a dimension to your analysis by processing unstructured customer demand and feedback data. The qualitative input you receive from customers, irrespective of whether they are enterprise, retail or e-commerce consumers, can be analyzed by the Spire Big Data technology and Contextual Search Platform giving you insights for catalog management, pricing, and supplier selection while reaching out to potential customers who might currently be patrons of your competitors.

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Anti Fraud Intelligence


Smart organizations rely on technology to help in detecting fraudulent patterns if any, within their organizations. This is important as fraud can be committed, unfortunately, within the organization. By actively using the power of data analysis the implementation of technology can detect fraud sooner and reduce the negative impact of significant losses owing to fraud. However, today, such analytics is derived from structured data.

Spire’s Big Data and Contextual Search Platform are designed to offer solution in the area of detecting fraud; our solutions are designed to pull in data more importantly from unstructured data like documents, emails, sms, reviews, etc. Spire adds the unique Context of the organization on top of its technology platform to bring pointers to potential fraud.

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