Talent Growth Management

All business leaders agree that attracting, retaining and engaging their employees is crucial for any business growth. A stable workforce does not emerge on its own. Companies have to strive to make sure they have a motivated and engaged team to drive their business. This is easier said than done. The good news is that Spires TalentSHIP® range of solutions can be deployed in companies, as it takes a dynamic approach to designing personalized career options for every individual within an organization, which leads to an engaged workforce.

Career Planning & Path Analysis

Spire PotentioScape™ provides employees and managers with unprecedented career planning abilities and helps develop highly individualized and resonant career paths. PotentioScape™ includes many advanced features including:

  • Visualization of different career pathways, including visibility to roles and levels across functions, geographies, or business units on the competencies and experience of the employee
  • Comparison across different alternate career growth scenarios including vertical and lateral career movements within the organization
  • Recommendations on concrete steps that will enable a successful internal career transition with role and responsibility changes required at each step

  • PotentioScape™ maps the employee data to the organizational context data to create a map of the available career paths and their mapping to individual career graphs. It also considers business goals data from PrediQuik to identify the specific career growth opportunities that exist in the context of projects that will drive future business.

    Leadership Pipeline & Succession Planning

    Spire TalentVista™ is a unique analytics product that focuses on identifying and mapping an organization’s leadership pool to its strategic goals, and helps create a comprehensive leadership pipeline. The solution assesses leadership potential of the high performing talent pool and its distribution across the organization. It outlines the specific cross-over competencies required for all layers of leadership roles, and recommends the customized strategies for each leader for their growth path in the organization.
    TalentVista™ gives tools to answer key questions of leadership that every CEO and Board would consider: What is the leadership pipeline across my organizational hierarchy? What are the specific roles, projects, and assignments required for future leaders to be developed as true organization level leaders? What are the competencies required for potential leaders to cross over between different leadership levels? How do different existing leaders fare across key competencies and leadership parameters?

    TalentVista™ integrates with other Spire TalentSHIP® products to assess competencies within the existing leadership team and to map different career paths to grow potential leaders into the next generation of leaders. Teamed with Spire solutions like LearnAlyze™, a learning needs and impact analysis product that aligns the learning of every individual in an organization with its business goals, it identified the training gap analysis of individuals in the succession pipeline and can provide specific recommendations on which interventions will enhance competencies. With the implementation of TalentVista™, the company will be able to apply workforce analytics with the succession plans, keeping the goals of the organization in sight.

    Learning Needs & Impact Analysis

    Spire LearnAlyze™ is a learning needs and impact analysis product that aligns the learning of every individual in an organization with its business goals. Today’s traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) mainly drive learning programs through e-learning catalogues and compliance towards course completion. While these LMS are able to solve problems for organizations with defined learning needs, they are not designed for the more evolutionary requirements of the 21st century.

    LearnAlyze integrates with all other Spire TalentSHIP® modules to provide inputs to the Training Departments of organizations and enables them in designing specific training programs required for employees vis-a-vis the business context and goals of the organization.

    Attrition Risk Management

    Spire PeopleWave™ is a talent engagement product which takes a holistic view of employee engagement and manages retention risk. With PeopleWave, companies can measure employee engagement discretely and target highly specific engagement programs specific to the context of individuals. With its unprecedented multi-dimensional analytics, PeopleWave™ gives insights to many questions at the heart of talent engagement, and helps organizations focus on their most important (talent) asset groups under high attrition.

    The power and value of the Spire TalentSHIP® suite of products multiply when different products are leveraged together for maximum business impact.