Talent Supply Chain Management

Talent Acquisition
Over the last few decades, organizations have become more or less matured in their talent acquisition processes. However, irrespective of whether organizations use basic desktop tools to manage their hiring process or the most advanced applicant tracking systems, they continue to struggle in bringing efficiency in hiring 'operations'. And hence, whenever organizations are in critical growth phase, and due to perennially limited resources, talent acquisition managers are unable to focus on the 'quality' of hiring within the time-frame desired by their businesses.

The focus of the Spire TalentSHIP® Acqura™ product, and associated context-based talent acquisition solutions, is to enable >9X efficiency and save >70% costs in the operations of talent acquisition function of an organization, irrespective of the geography or the industry, while bringing over 10X return on investment.

Over the last couple of years, deployment of Spire talent acquisition solutions have enabled extreme efficiency by optimizing operational parameters of hiring operations and not just the process parameters. These operational parameters include: Quality hiring by ensuring every single resume has been processed by matching to all available jobs within the organization, indent-to-offer cycle time reduction, reduction in the effort of recruiters and interviewers, prioritization of sources which lead to tremendous reduction in sourcing costs, and much more.

Our unique AutoMatch® and ContextMatch® methodology, built on Spire's Big Data Platform ensures interview-to-select conversion rates of as high as 75% with exact fitment of applicants to job requirements, an optimization that has never been seen before. Over a period of time, ContextMatch® creates an amazing Qualified Talent Bank™ (QTB) for companies which includes applicants who match the specific job context of the company, but have not been shortlisted through the hiring process, as the company has already hired the best fitting candidates. With the QTB in place, the Spire system allows companies to stay in touch with the candidates in the QTB on a periodic basis. QTB also enables just-in-time hiring, coupled with the Contextual Market Intelligence and the deployment of ContextMatch®, it significantly reduces the indent-to-offer cycle time for hiring.

Job requirements and resumes are fundamentally ‘unstructured’ data. Existing systems are primed to operate either with structured data or at most with variety of keyword-based search algorithms. Our research indicates that due to the inadequate search & match capabilities while dealing with unstructured text, companies complain that over 80 percent of their applicants lie in the black hole databases of existing systems. This is where Spire steps in. Spire’s Contextual Search Platform enables unprecedented profile search & match capabilities for sourcing teams of companies, thereby empowering them to recommend profiles with >95% accuracy of match to their hiring mangers within seconds of an applicant profile hitting the system, compared to days it takes for the existing platforms to make a profile visible.

Spire has unique capability to understand the context of a job description, and map that to the context of an applicant's resume or their profile on social media. The solution allows applicants to identify the best matching job within the open jobs of an organization.

Spire TalentSHIP® Acqura™ integrates seamlessly with any ERP or any applicant-tracking-system, to help organizations focus on the operational efficiency of their hiring function.

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Global Workforce Management

Consulting and services organizations, irrespective of the industry they cater to, have grown phenomenally from the turn of the century and through pretty much the last decade. The uncontrolled growth, fuelled by liberal hiring, in such companies has introduced a unique challenge in the current economic scenario – that is an excess of highly qualified and trained talent pool lying idle within such organizations. While in good times this talent pool, commonly referred to as ‘bench’, was used as a reserve to go live quickly with their customers, in the current scenario the bench has begun affecting the operating margin and thus the bottom-line of organizations.

Spire TalentMap™ is empowering organizations that are conscious about their bottom- line resolve some important challenges raised by these questions:

  • Can we map both internal and external talent pool to all our current and pipeline demands?
  • Can we get a unified and integrated view of all talent supply available across various talent channels like verticals, virtual bench and projects, and compare it to with talent availability in the external supply channels?
  • Can we identify the gaps in the competencies of our talent pool in bench or virtual bench, and re-train for deployment?
  • Can we compare the ‘quality’ of match of the internal talent pool to our demands vs. the quality of match of the external talent pool to demands – to minimize hiring in cases of marginal differences in available quality of the two pools?
  • Can we increase the speed of match of supply to our demand, thereby reducing the time to deploy from indent-to-deployment?
  • Can we match every individual entering the virtual bench to be matched to all our pipeline demands for minimizing their time to re-deploy after the completion of these individuals’ existing project?

  • Such questions and many more, are the foundation for the solutions designed and embedded in Spire TalentMap™.

    Spire TalentMap™ helps organizations reduce their indent-to-deployment cycle time by over 40%. It also integrates with the Qualified Talent Bank™ (QTB), generated by Spire’s unique context-based talent acquisition solution, to enable ‘just-in-time’ hiring based on the market intelligence available on how soon an external candidate will be available if the organization needs to open an indent for external hiring. The QTB helps such organizations to reduce their bench strength by an unprecedented 10% which has a direct impact to the bottom-line.

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    Organizational Re-Alignment

    The success of any organizational realignment or restructuring lies in its implementation. Like any change there are risks, challenges and issues that need to be identified, addressed and managed.

    There are different kinds of realignments; they can be small as rearranging a few positions and responsibilities or large like re-positioning of divisions, along with changes to departments, processes and position.

    Spire solutions can work with companies to analyze and map skills of employees who may be impacted by these realignments. By deploying Spire TalentMap™, the company will be able to map the talent pool to its exact market, department, or division’s needs. Such mapping gives the company a core foundation to manage talent during the implementation stage.

    With the deployment of Spire LearnAlyze™, its data integrates with Spire TalentMap™ data to provide inputs on the specific training programs required for employees to plan and prepare for their growth vertically, horizontally, or diagonally across the organization, based on what the business calls for.

    TalentMap™ provides employees and managers with unprecedented career planning abilities and helps develop highly individualized and resonant career paths. TalentMap™ includes many advanced features, including: Recommendations on concrete steps that will enable a successful internal career transition with role and responsibility changes required at each step; visualization of different career pathways, including visibility to roles and levels across functions, geographies, or business units based not only on the experience but also on the potential of the employee; and comparison across different alternate career growth scenarios including vertical and lateral career movements within the organization.

    These valuable insights can be used effectively by any HR team to successfully transition employees into roles during a realignment process.

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    Mergers & Acquisitions

    HR professionals play a key role in helping business heads see their organizations as a set of capabilities, more than just figures in an annual report. These intangible assets are the skills, abilities and knowledge available in the organization, which drives it success.

    In pre-merger situations, Spire TalentUnite™ can provide sophisticated insights and decision support for people integration during M&A.

    Companies can now, for the first time, work towards people integration objectives of M&A with scale and rigor.

    Spire TalentUnite™ provides a highly visual approach to drive M&A integration through:

  • An integrated view of merging organizations across business units and groups
  • Parameterized breakdown across competencies, compensation, location, performance, and other facets
  • Risk assessment through What-If scenarios
  • Holistic decision analysis for integrating different groups and individuals
  • Final assessment and decisions on fitment within the integrated organization

  • Optimal alignment based on your specific M&A context is the core of TalentUnite™. While post-M&A alignment of executive leadership is generally based on subjective aspects such as chemistry and ideology, the realignment for the overall organization needs to be based on highly objective contexts optimized for both business continuity and business growth.

    Spire TalentUnite™ is not only designed to work on integrating Human Capital effectively during an M&A situation, but is also designed to assess and compare risks between, say, buying out a new company versus investing further within the company's own talent base.The Holy Grail for successful M&A is People Integration with proper alignment at all levels; the deployment of Spire’s methodology can work towards making this happen successfully.

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    "With Spire, companies can have a unified view across talent channels, across geographies, across verticals and across business domains"
    "Increase in conversion ratios from 2% to 4%"
    "All features are user friendly and the AutoMatch feature has been a time saver"
    "...transparency to our vendors...transparency to our partners when we outsource hiring...transparency to our management team..."
    "Recruitment team today is focused on spending quality time with managers and candidates towards hiring best in class associates for the company"
    "Average cycle time to hire reduced by 42%"
    "What really worked wonders with Spire was the partnership model...Spire made sure that we had a resource at our site..."
    "Efficiency, transparency and reach to social media have enabled us to get great associates into the company"
    "Our interviewers' effort has reduced close to 51%"
    “…hire 400 candidates per month; while reducing cost per hire, especially agency cost; and increase employee referrals”
    “....Employee referral contributions went up from 16% to an industry high of 45%, while ensuring governance and transparency for all stakeholders”
    “...60% reduction in the recruitment team’s and interview panels’ effort”
    “Overall the Spire solution was able to bring the cost per hire down by 50%”
    “...a staggering 1300 tags in a single search to filter desired candidate”
    “What really worked wonders with Spire was the partnership model”
    “Initial results showed an overall high of 95% accuracy of search against specific job requirement”
    “...become a platform for your own usage, for your own analytics, or the analytics you would like to offer to your customers”
    “Transparency to our partners when we outsource hiring”
    “...an unprecedented scenario with interview-to-offer conversion ratio of 73% compared to a meager 8% before engagement with Spire”
    “...The indent-to-offer cycle time reduced by 40%”
    “.…Engaging with Spire has resulted in a 100 percent increase in interview-to-hire conversion rates”